Growing up In South Philadelphia, Ryan Michael Richards had begun to learn how to play the guitar when he was fourteen years old after being diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder. Ryan's Mom and Dad had encouraged him to learn how to play a musical instrument, for the arts is considered a great way for people to cope with learning disabilities. It did not take long for him to decide that the Guitar would be his musical instrument of choice.

The Guitar is considered a popular instrument for a lot of kids to want to learn how to play. And Ryan was no exception. He had a desire to learn the fundamentals and intricacies of the instrument. Learning from various instructors at the local music stores as well as showing himself certain aspects of the instrument. Ryan eventually began to play with people of all levels around the South Philadelphia region. As his music playing progressed (as well as taking a lot of lumps in the process), Ryan was able to perform with bands and ensembles of almost any genre. In due time, Ryan was also able to become astute in the Electric Bass.

As Ryan continued to play with certain bands and ensembles, his future wife had encouraged him to start to listen to the music of the contemporary instrumental genre. It did not take long for him to realize that this is the kind of music that he would want to play.

In 2008, Ryan had begun composing music for his first recording. And in 2009 the EP PATHWAYS TO LOVE was released, featuring an earlier version of "A Pathway to Love".  Later on, Ryan had sent an email to Windham Hill founder and Grammy award winning recording artist Will Ackerman about producing his next project. To Ryan's astonishment, Will had agreed. A while afterwards, had travelled to Vermont to work Will and award-winning producer and engineer Tom Eaton to record his first full album, the critically acclaimed EXPERIENCES, featuring the songs "Coastline" and a re-recording of the acclaimed "Pathway to Love". later on, Ryan had returned to Vermont to work with Will and Tom to record the acclaimed MORE THAN TIME, reaching the top fifteen on the Zone Music Reporter music charts. in which this cd/download album features the songs "Moving Forward", and "At Your Leisure".

Ryan's music has received a lot of radio airplay from numerous radio stations such as the Sirius XM Spa channel, MC Musicscapes, One World Music, and numerous FM stations all over.

Ryan counts Will Ackerman, Alex DeGrassi,  Jaco Pastorius, Christian McBride, and Eddie Van Halen as his influences.

Outside of music, Ryan likes to hang out at the beach, and is an avid fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies, and Philadelphia Flyers sports teams.

Ryan currently resides in Martin County Florida with his wife Kathy.