Originally from Philadelphia, Ryan Michael Richards started to play music when he was about fourteen. Encouraged to play an instrument by his family after being diagnosed with a learning disability. After practicing for long periods of time, Ryan also became astute on the electric bass.                                        

         After years of playing music with various bands and ensembles, Ryan began to search for his musical self. Ryan has been a fan of all kinds of music. However, once again he began to listen intently to the likes of the music of Windham Hill records, as well as music of that and similar to the genre. Once again he became an avid listener that he had made the ultimate choice of making this genre of music to play.

         Ryan considers Alex De Grassi, Will Ackerman, Nick Drake, and rockers and jazz people such as Eddie Van Halen, Jaco Pastorius, and Christian McBride among his influences.

         Ryan recorded his EP cd Pathways to Love. And in due time, got together with Grammy award winning producer and guitarist Will Ackerman and master sound engineer Tom Eaton, traveled to Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont, and recorded what was to be his first full length compact disc/download album Experiences.

         Ryan currently resides in Hunterdon County New Jersey with his wife.