"Acoustic guitarist Ryan Michael Richards is part of a younger generation to whom the torched has been passed, carrying on the legacy of virtuoso artists like Michael Hedges, Alex De Grassi, and Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman".

Michael Diamond-Music and Media Focus


"Ryan Michael Richards is a guitarist whose heart is in every note. He seems incapable of anything that isn't true to him".

Will Ackerman-Founder of Windham Hill Records


"MORE THAN TIME is a welcome breath of fresh air in a world too plagued by polarization and the dissonance that we so often see around us. Ryan's soulful and uplifting compositions remind us all to take pause and remember that we are truly a one world family who's goal is inner peace and harmony for all".

Premik Russell Tubbs


"Ryan Michael Richards is a unique guitar performer, he produces rich and textured compositions, but also narrates the melody and arrangement so well, that you can literally hear lyrics within your mind as he performs....Richards has such a calming performance style, but one that manifests a story within each composition thus created".

Steve Sheppard-One World Music


"His artistry speaks for him....He relies on gentle themes that are warm, positive vignettes of life spied from around a corner and transformed into thought provoking music by and accomplished magician".

RJ Lannan-Artisan Music Reviews


"I've listened to Ryan Michael Richards' MORE THAN TIME in a number of different settings, from the comfort of my living room to a variety of urban locales....the acoustic guitarist's material resonates all the more powerfully".






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