"Ryan Michael Richards is a guitarist whose heart is in every note. He seems incapable of anything that isn't true to him. This brilliant artistic honesty is the hallmark of what he has created in EXPERIENCES.        These are lovely melodies which seem immediately familiar without being in any way imitative. Whether in his solos or the ensemble work which includes a stellar list of award winning musicians. EXPERIENCES will captivate the listener".

Will Ackerman- Founder of Windham Hill Records



EXPERIENCES is now available on CD Baby.com.  Click on to the link below for details and purchase.  



EXPERIENCES has been nominated by ONE WORLD MUSIC internet radio for best acoustic album for this year!  I will gladly give you more details about this soon.



"Acoustic guitarist Ryan Michael Richards is part of a younger generation of instrumentalists to whom the torch has been passed, carrying on the legacy of virtuoso artists like Michael Hedges, Alex de Grassi, and Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman, who actually produced Ryan's Album at his famed Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont....Ryan exhibits, not only a well developed and diverse playing style, but he has a fine sense of composition and arrangement that includes when "not" to play. The range of emotions his music evokes is quite exceptional."

Michael Diamond-Music and Media Focus

 For the full article, click on to www.michaeldiamondmusic.com/.../experiences   


 "EXPERIENCES is the very impressive first full- length recording by guitarist Ryan Michael Richards....Richards' music is smooth, heartfelt, and very often romantic....That artistic honesty will communicate to a wide range of musical ears and hearts and will undoubtedly send this delightful music soaring up the charts. I hope your replay button works well for this album! Very highly recommended"!

Kathy Parsons-mainlypiano.com



"Ryan Michael Richards has created a new age instrumental classic with EXPERIENCES and anyone that has the opportunity to listen to this album should. You will walk away feeling refreshed and whole while be mindful of the fact that you can do it all again whenever you like. This is not just music for New Age or instrumental fans; it is something anyone that enjoys acoustic guitar tracks can appreciate".

Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews



 "The guitar of Ryan Michael Richards sounds confident and captures the listener's attention from the first chords....Ryan's guitar parts are filled with strength and optimism. He perfectly plays his instrument....It is a joy to listen to Ryan's flageolets and soft harmonies of his compositions. Also, meditativeness is present in his music....EXPERIENCES is the music of the person who has kept his big heart and now Ryan is able to share it with others because all the tunes of the album are sincere and natural....I can characterize the album EXPERIENCES as one more excellent example of the music in the real world".

Serge Kozlovsky-sergekozlovsky.com



I simply adore a musician who can paint words with their instrument; Ryan Michael Richards is one of those artists....EXPERIENCES is one of those oh so refreshing albums, that comes around just when you need it, and if you like your music guitar based and  like to hear excellently performed and well produced music of great quality, then you will adore the experience, of EXPERIENCES, by Ryan Michael Richards.

Steve Sheppard-One World Music



"There are many mnemonics out there....For pleasant memories of everyday life, enter mnemonic master Ryan Michael Richards and his acoustic guitar album EXPERIENCES. Richards' eleven track is gentle contemporary music that can spark dreams and fire up the imagination....I want to continue, but just let me say that Iliked all of the tracks on EXPERIENCES and I could think of something to write about each and every one of them, but it is better if you...pardon the expression experience Ryan Michael Richards' music for yourself. the compositions are rich with nuance, but that have a delicately crafted melancholy in some of them that build up the emotion. Once you hear them, you will remember. Highly recommended".

RJ Lannon-The Sounding Board/Zone Music Reporter





EXPERIENCES is also available on itunes, amazon mp3, Google music store, as well as others.



It is also available as a disc at the the Sunset Beach Gift Shop. 502 Sunset Blvd. Cape May Point NJ. www.sunsebeach.com    


Experiences. Produced by Grammy award winning producer and performer Will Ackerman, and co-produced and recorded by master sound engineer Tom Eaton. Recorded at Imaginary Road Studios in Windham County Vermont, Experiences consists of eleven songs featuring a group of talented musicians such as multi Grammy award winning cellist Eugene Friessen, multi Zone Music Reporter award winning flugel horn player Jeff Oster, vocalist Noah Wilding, multi instrumentalist Derrik Jordan, multi instrumentalist Premik, and English Horn player Jill Haley. It will also feature Will Ackerman on guitar, and Tom Eaton piano, percussion, and electric bass. I have also contributed on the electric bass on a couple of tracks.


I am in the process of working on a new CD/Download album that I hope to have a late March or early April release. Once again it has been recorded at Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont. Where once again the award winning production team of Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton had provided the production work as well. I will be happy to provide more information regarding this soon.


The Gathering Volume II is a new compilation cd/download album that features  twenty-one recording artists who were produced by Grammy award winner Will Ackerman, and engineered by master engineer Tom Eaton at Will's Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont. I am honored that my song, Pathway to Love (from Experiences) has been included as one of the twenty-one. This disc contains music from some of the best musicians today. The Gathering Volume II is now available as a compact disc and as a download album on CD Baby.com, as well as on other sites.


www.imaginaryroadstudios.com   www.williamackerman.com                                         www.thomaseaton.com  



Here is a recent interview that I have done with Kathy Parsons of mainlypiano.com.




My EP CD, Pathways to Love, consists of six solo songs that can be as one person had once told me "Cheers up the heart man". Pathways to Love is available as both a disc and as a download on CD Baby, Amazon, and others.




Pathways to Love is also available as a disc at a few other locations as well. Please check out the link page of this site for where Pathways to Love is located.    



I am available for shows, whether it is a auditorium stage setting, or a private gathering. Please feel free to contact me. ryan@ryanmichaelrichards.com